CompresSport Hlaupa Treyja Herra

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  • Endilgargóður, tæknilegur æfingabolur 1/2 renndur
  • Þægilegt, saumalaust loose fit leyfir allar hreyfingar
  • Microfibre öndunarefnið lætur þér líða vel við allar aðstæður
  • Í hlaupin, gönguna, ræktina eða bara til daglegs brúks


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Versatile, loose-fitting Trail Half-Zip Short Sleeves Red Clay Top with ventilated sleeves for everyday training and trail running

We asked pro trail runner what he would wear as an everyday shirt for shorter training runs. The resulting Trail Half-Zip Short Sleeves Red Clay Top for trail running is a versatile all-rounder for running through the hills, or in fact any sports activity requiring a highly-functional, comfortable and stylish shirt. The seamless, loose-fit design over the torso allows total freedom of movement with zero chafing. The microfibre material is soft, ergonomic and highly functional. Its thermoregulating properties keep the body cool and dry during exercise, ensuring moisture is quickly wicked away and nothing sticks or irritates. The Raglan sleeves are fitted for efficient movement, with no excess material to get in the way of poles or a pack. Highly ventilated, they prevent any build-up of sweat. A self-locking, non-irritating half-zip can be opened for extra ventilation when temperatures rise. Combine with a Free belt or pack to carry essential nutrition and personal belongings if you’re heading out for a long day.


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