Compressport Ergo Flask 600ml m/slöngu

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  • 600 ml flaska
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600ml Ergo flask with long tube to stay hydrated along the run with a functional, light, durable and BPA-free design.

Staying hydrated at all times is key especially on longer distances. Designed for road runners and trail runners to get a quick and convenient access to water on the go, the 600ml Ergo flask comes with a long tube option so you can drink easily without effort from your backpack. The Ergo flask will fit easily in your backpack pocket or running belt. With its wide opening, it is easy to refill. The nozzle is easy to open and close. Safe and durable, the flask is BPA free. The soft flask is the perfect solution to comfortably and efficiently carry your water. No heavy or bulky bottle, you stay light. Its soft material is easy to grab even with humid, cold hands.

15% Polyester, 10% Silicone, 20% Polypropène, 55%Thermoplastic Polyurethane



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