Compressport ON/OFF Base LS Bolur Karla

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High-tech, long-sleeved baselayer with body-mapped thermoregulation for optimal performance and comfort in cold conditions.

Thermoregulating, breathable and highly protective, ensuring you stay warm and dry in cold conditions.
On/Off technology with gender-specific body-mapping for maximum ventilation during effort and high-pressure protection when intensity lowers.
Seamless, ultra soft microfiber fabric and Ergo fit for maximum comfort and zero chafing throughout your training session.
In the depths of winter, choosing the right baselayer can be the difference between staying out and cutting your session short. Ideal for all outdoor sports, the On/Off Base Layer long-sleeved Top is created using our unique On/Off technology that literally breathes with you to regulate ventilation and protection depending on the intensity of your workout. As intensity ramps up, your chest expands to take in oxygen, and as it does so the alveoli in the fabric open up to reduce compression and increase breathability. If your effort decreases, when going downhill for example, these alveoli close again to protect you and retain warmth. Clever body-mapping means these perforations vary in size depending on the area of the torso, with larger openings in less sensitive zones such as the ribcage and smaller ones around the neck and wrists. The result is quick-drying, high-performance thermoregulation, keeping your core temperature steady no matter the effort or the outside conditions. The close Ergo fit supports this high-tech effect, leaving no space for air daughts and ensuring maximum warmth during your workout. Our signature Spin Control technology is woven into the back to help you maintain correcture posture. The shirt is made from seamless microfiber that sits soft and chafe-free against your skin, with natural antibacterial properties that combat odors and irritation. The round neck adapts to any morphology for optimal comfort, while the Raglan sleeve design frees up the shoulder for complete range of motion. This is a baselayer that not only keeps you warm and dry, but also supports your effort, whatever the discipline and the intensity.
73% Polyester, 19% Polyamide, 8% Elastane

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