Runderwear Crop Top

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  • Crop Top er hannaður með þægindi að leiðarljósi
  • Frábær efni og saumalaus hönnun
  • Passar fyrir A og B skálastærðir
  • Andar vel og hrindir frá sér raka

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The Runderwear Women’s Crop Top is designed to give you maximum comfort and chafe-free exercise, thanks to the super-soft technical fabric and seamless design. This compression crop top is suitable for A and B cup sizes.  If you are C+ cup size, try the Original Support bra

The Runderwear Women’s Low-Impact Crop Top is a compression crop top, suitable for A and B cup sizes, with features including:

Ultimate Comfort – created using an incredibly soft fabric, to prevent irritation, rubbing and chafing mile-after-mile. Ergonomically designed with super-soft fabric, to move with your body for ultimate comfort.

Seamless Design – 360 degree seamless design resulting in no side seams for ultimate comfort and chafe-free running.

Moisture-Wicking Fabric – the technical fabric is lightweight, label-free and designed to effectively wick sweat away from your skin, eliminating any irritation and ensuring you keep dry and can run chafe-free.

Breathable – using high performance moisture-wicking fabric with mesh panels containing micro perforations increases breathability and sweat removal from your skin, ensuring your core temperature is always optimised.


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