Fusion Cargo Short Tights
Fusion Cargo Short Tights
Fusion Cargo Short Tights
Fusion Cargo Short Tights
Fusion Cargo Short Tights

Fusion mens Cargo Short Tights

UnisexBirgðastaða: Á lager
SKU: 1050-BLK
  • Háar í mittið
  • Fullt af vösum í strengnum fyrir símann, orkustykki, gel  o.fl.
  • Á malbiki eða úti í náttúrunni, berð fullt af vörum án óþæginda
  • Cargo buxurnar eru að sjálfsögðu með stóru hliðar vasana
  • Endurskin neðst á buxunum, bæði að aftan og framan


13.990 kr.

Vörunúmer: 1050-BLK Flokkar: , , Merkimiðar: ,


C3 short tights with extra storage space.

Special edition of C3 short tights. With a high waist band that has elastic pockets for energy, liquids and phone, these tights are the perfect choice for your long runs.

Based on our classic tights, MENS CARGO SHORT TIGHTS offer a fully tested, timeless design that has set new standards for functionality, comfort and fit for 15 years. Made to last for tough training, competition and machine washing for years to come.

Pleasantly comfortable: Our special C3 material provides fast and efficient moisture wicking, so you never get cold and moist during or after activity.

Optimal fit: Your tights stay in place during your activity, because we they are circular knit and made with a high percentage of powerfit elastane.

Of course, these tights also feature functional FUSION pockets on the side of the thighs that keep the contents close to the body without hindering your movement.

The fit is tight.

Fit: Tight fit

  • Unique, Active wicking Compressor3 fabric, Made in Italy
  • New “pocket solution”
  • Gel pockets to outer thighs for gels (up to 3 per pocket) / keys / phone
  • Made in Europe at the FUSION.FACTORY
  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®-certified product. That means all components, such as fabrics, threads, transfers, zips, elastic, labels, etc., are tested and approved according to the standard and thus do not contain harmful substances


Circular knit. 77% polyamide, elastane 23%

10°C to 30°C


The unique and durable FUSION C3 material ensures that the product fits perfectly by means of the circular knit construction and the uniquely high content of powerfit-elastane.

The FUSION C3 material renders genuine active sweat transport by wicking the sweat from the surface of the skin and transporting it to the outside surface of the fabric, whereupon it dissipates to a greater area and quickly vaporizes.

Your skin remains comfortable – and you feel that you sweat less. All this by a mechanical capillary wicking effect which stays the same during the entire longevity of the product.

We are not scared of going the extra mile in the process of fabric development.

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