Fusion HP Run Shorts

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  • 5″ á lengd
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Lightweight split shorts with inner tights for optimal running fit. A pair of lightweight and stretchy split shorts with inner tights designed for running.

Your MENS RUN SHORTS offer great freedom of movement combined with inner tights specially designed for optimal running fit. They are actively sweat-wicking, so you’re always dry and comfortable.

The inner tights feature the functional FUSION pockets on the sides.

The fit is snug inner shorts and loose-fitting outer shorts.

  • Characteristic FUSION side pockets
  • Fabric Made in EU
  • Made in Europe at the FUSION.FACTORY
  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®-certified product. That means all components, such as fabrics, threads, transfers, zips, elastic, labels, etc., are tested and approved according to the standard and thus do not contain harmful substances.


Outer shorts: 100% woven stretch polyester

Inner tights: Circular knit 82% nylon and 18% Lycra

15°C to 30°C

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s, m, l, xl, xxl



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