Full Socks Oxygen – Black

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The new generation Full Socks Oxygen take muscle support and ventilation to the next level so you can count on a formidable ally for fast racing in the hottest conditions. These compression socks for running and endurance sports are featherlight, providing an unparalleled second-skin feel and exceptional comfort thanks to ultra-soft mesh fabric. As the lightest sock in the Compressport range, aeration and breathability are paramount: interwoven, zigzag ventilation bands start at the base of the calf and gradually increase in height around the muscle, allowing it to expand and breathe naturally during intense effort. This graded ventilation ensures elite level thermoregulation to accompany you during your biggest races.

The incredibly thin fibres retain all compression properties and benefits, delivering maximum support and protection to the foot and calf whilst limiting shocks and vibration through muscles and tendons. Muscle oxygenation is improved by up to 10%, delaying the onset of fatigue to boost performance. Carefully-placed 3D.Dots around the foot provide added grip in the shoe, extending up the Achilles tendon to stimulate blood flow and absorb impact. The structure and volume of the Dots are reduced compared to other sock models for reduced overall lightness, yet the efficiency is retained. Last but not least, our new, durable knitted logos ensure the Compressport signature will stand fast throughout the toughest conditions – just like you. Whether you’re a marathon runner or a trail runner, make no compromise on comfort and performance with these ultra-light, refreshing compression socks!

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