Compressport Pro Merino Winter Trail hlaupasokkar

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Pro utanvega vetrarsokkar með Merino ullarblöndu

  • Anda vel og þorna strax
  • Fisléttir og ótrúlega sterkir
  • Stuðningur undir ilina
  • Höggdempun í tá og hæl
  • Með vörn fyrir stóru tánna
  • Fyrirbyggir nuddsár
  • Frábærir í hlaupin, gönguna og á hjólin

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Optimal thermo-protection thanks to a blend of thick wool, cashmere and silk fibres to keep your feet snug and warm

Increased stability and proprioception for a reassuring, supportive feel and hightened foot awareness, allowing you to be highly consciousness of foot placement in rough and rocky terrain

Does not move when running thanks to anti-slip technologies which prevent the fabric from folding and increase the grip of the foot in the shoe

T1 = 35-38

T2 = 39-41

T3 = 42-44

T4 = 45-48

Sometimes the simplest of runs can turn into something resembling a trail run during winter months. Or maybe the hardened trail runner in you just needs that little extra warmth to get round your autumn training loops. Our seamless Pro Racing Sock Trail offers exceptional stability and proprioception, and the red and black Winter Edition specific fibres keep you cosy and warm. Areas which are proven to get cold when trail running are woven from a thermo-protective blend of wool, cashmere and silk. They are combined with highly breathable ventilation panels to quickly wick away sweat and moisture, ensuring your feet stay snug and dry even during intense efforts. Higher than the Run Sock, this warm trail running sock offers increased protection to the lower leg and ankles with thicker, denser 3D.Dots that prevent bruising on the inside leg and malleolus. Further dots combined with a 360° arch support prevent the material from twisting, reducing the risk of blisters and offering reassuring stability in rocky terrain. Targeted compression boosts blood flow, while the reinforced toe box protects your toes and toenails. When winter throws us snow, cold and ice, we answer with the PRS Winter Trail Socks, and keep on running.

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