Compressport Hlaupa Treyja Kvenna

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CompresSport Performance öndunarbolur kvenna.

  • Þægilegur og flottur æfingabolur
  • Lagast að líkamanum, veitir þrýsing og öndun þar sem við á
  • Tæknilegt MIcrofibre efnið færi svita og raka frá líkamanum
  • Saumalaus hönnunin kemur í veg fyrir núning
  • Frábær í æfingar og keppni

9.990 kr.

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CompresSport Performance léttur öndunarbolur kvenna.

High-performance, seamlessly soft black microfibre running shirt with integrated ventilation for intense workouts and races

Many of our professional athletes are women, and we have taken our cues from them to bring you a range of running apparel designed by women, for women. No stone is left unturned on the path to success and there is no reason you should settle for ill-fitting performance wear. Specifically designed for extreme comfort and softness, the short-sleeved Performance SS Tshirt is so light you will barely feel you’re wearing it. The microfibre fabric and seamless design are proven chafe and irritation-free. The material also keeps undesirable sporty odours at bay – bonus! Fine-woven aeration lines are integrated on the front and across the shoulderblades for optimal ventilation, meaning sweat and moisture are quickly wicked away. The Regular fit offers a yet slim cut that is totally unrestrictive, it catches or gets in the way as intensity builds. The waistline is pinched slightly to follow your curves, while the shallow V-neck sits flat and comfortable against your skin. The capped sleeves are not only feminine, they also free up the shoulder area for total range of movement. Soft, flatlock seams in the armpit area guard you from chafing. The asymmetrical striped pattern on the sleeve and hip give this running T-shirt an unapologetically sporty look. If you’re going to run fast, you may as well look the part!

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