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There are days and races where you’re out there for longer. And as the clock ticks towards 10, 15 or more hours, traditional vests and belts just don’t hold all you need. With its secure pockets and 12 + 3L capacity, the new, ultra-stable Ultrun S Pack 15 trail running backpack gives you that much-needed space to carry extra nutrition and equipment on long adventures and ultra-marathons. On the front, two easy-to-reach mesh pockets hold soft flasks, with dedicated drink valve tabs to reduce movement. Smaller pockets on the straps securely hold keys, energy gels or used wrappers. Stow your gloves, headband and more food in the larger lower compartments, which close safely with Velcro and can be easily accessed thanks to convenient tabs. A diagonal zipped pocket on the left-hand side keeps your phone within hands reach to check the route or keep in touch with your support crew. At the rear, another zipped pocket holds all compulsory essentials you don’t often pull out such as ID, money or survival blanket. A secure pouch carries a hydration bladder, with dedicated loops to feed drink valve through. The two large overlapping pockets stretch to accommodate mandatory clothing and equipment, and the elastic “Z” strap gives you bonus capacity on the outside of the pack for a jacket or rain cover. Outer silicone toggles keep retracted poles out of the way when the trail doesn’t require them. True to our standards, the vest is highly-breathable and ergonomic, with soft seams for unmatched comfort. Foam inserts on the front prevent any rubbing on the ribcage as the hours wear on. Adjustable side straps can be pulled tighter for added stability on technical sections, while the front self-locking zip can be opened during climbing for extra breathability. Reflective strips provide improved visibility in low light conditions and the included whistle means you can head out with full peace of mind. Tested and developed out on the trail with runners of all levels, the Ultrun S Pack 15 is designed to bring functionality, comfort and performance to all your long distance challenges. Sold with 2x 500ml flasks.

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